Getting Started


Adding New API

  1. Add the function to hpy/tools/autogen/public_api.h. If the CPython equivalent function name is not the same (after removing the leading H, add an appropriate CPython function mapping in hpy/tools/autogen/ If the signature is complicated or there is no clear equivalent function, the mapping should be None, and follow the directions in the next step. Otherwise all the needed functions will be autogenerated.

  2. If the function cannot be autogenerated (i.e. the mapping does not exist), you must write the wrapper by hand. Add the function to NO_WRAPPER in hpy/tools/autogen/, and add a ctx_fname function to hyp/devel/src/runtime/*.c (possibly adding the new file to, add a debug wrapper to hpy/debug/src/debug_ctx.c, add a implementation that uses the ctx variant to hpy/devel/include/hpy/cpython/misc.h and add the declaration to hpy/devel/include/hpy/runtime/ctx_funcs.h.

  3. Run make autogen which will turn the mapping into autogenerated functions

  4. Add a test for the functionality

  5. Build with python build_ext. After that works, build with python -m pip install -e ., then run the test with python -m pytest ....