HPy: a better API for Python

HPy provides a new API for extending Python in C.

The official Python/C API is specific to the current implementation of CPython: it exposes a lot of internal details which makes it hard:

  • to implement it for other Python implementations (e.g. PyPy, GraalPython, Jython, IronPython, etc.)

  • to experiment with new things inside CPython itself: e.g. using a GC instead of refcounting, or to remove the GIL.

There are several advantages to write your C extension in HPy:

  • it runs much faster on PyPy, and at native speed on CPython

  • it is possible to compile a single binary which runs unmodified on all supported Python implementations and versions

  • it is simpler and more manageable than the Python/C API

  • it provides an improved debugging experience: in “debug mode”, HPy actively checks for many common mistakes such as reference leaks and invalid usage of objects after they have been deleted. It is possible to turn the “debug mode” on at startup time, without needing to recompile Python or the extension itself

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