Version 0.0.3 (September 22nd, 2021)

This release adds various new API functions (see below) and extends the debug mode with the ability to track closed handles. The default ABI mode now is ‘universal’ for non-CPython implementations. Also, the type definition of HPyContext was changed and it’s no longer a pointer type. The name of the HPy dev package was changed to ‘hpy’ (formerly: ‘hpy.devel’). Macro HPy_CAST was replaced by HPy_AsStruct.

New features:

  • Added helper HPyHelpers_AddType for creating new types

  • Support format specifier ‘s’ in HPyArg_Parse

  • Added API functions: HPy_Is, HPy_AsStructLegacy (for legacy types), HPyBytes_FromStringAndSize, HPyErr_NewException, HPyErr_NewExceptionWithDoc, HPyUnicode_AsUTF8AndSize, HPyUnicode_DecodeFSDefault, HPyImport_ImportModule

  • Debug mode: Implemented tracking of closed handles

  • Debug mode: Add hook for invalid handle access

Bug fixes:

  • Distinguish between pure and legacy types

  • Fix Sphinx doc errors